Be a SIXTIES-L moderator!

SIXTIES-L listowner (
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 15:01:04 -0400

We are once again putting out a call for SIXTIES-L moderators. Rebecca
Jackson, especially, has been doing double- and triple-duty, and we
could use a deeper bench. If you'd like to become a SIXTIES-L moderator
(or if you are a prodigal moderator and would like to return to the fold)
please contact me.

Requirements for moderating:

1. Familiarity with the parameters of the SIXTIES-L discussion list, and
an enthusiasm for abiding within those parameters. (You can find a
lengthy explanation of the rules of the list at the following URL:

2. Regular access to your computer and a comfortable relationship
with telnet. Knowledge of the UNIX OS and EMACS editors are helpful,
but not essential. If you're not technophobic, we can train you.

3. A very long fuse. You need to be patient and work and play well
with others. SIXTIES-L moderators are very active (we reject an
average of about one out of five posts, usually with a request for
revision) and the work requires an ability to deal with folks who are
annoyed (or occasionally irate) that their posts have not been
forwarded. SIXTIES-L moderators need to be able to say "no" and mean

Benefits of the Job:

Honestly, I can't say that moderating is "fun," or even always pleasant.
But it's necessary to keep the SIXTIES-L going, and I'd say that's a
worthwhile endeavor. Moderating doesn't usually take more than an hour,
once or twice a week, when we have a full staff of four. Right now, we're
down to two working moderators (and one we keep hoping will come back--
Leah, where are you???). We'd ideally like five moderators, so I'm
encouraging listmembers to apply.

Kali Tal
SIXTIES-L co-moderator