Those Draft DODGERS, dope smokers, and artists

drieux, just drieux (drieux@WETWARE.COM)
Fri, 5 Sep 97 00:57:34 -0800

Why is it that we no longer hear about
the Glorious Young Americans For Freedom
who were so valiantly opposed to the
draft during the vietnam era, on the
grounds that it was just Ikky Yukky PoohPers
for folks to be ground into involuntary servitude,
but that same collection of Yahoo's are now like
soooooo wanting to be Like Accepted for having
always been ProWar, as long as it was someone else's
YaYa's that got in the line of Fire?

what can I say, was over visiting a friend who had
the Mind Altering Experience at Tien Ahn Mihn Square
and we shared about the unresolved feelings we have
about trying to bring home to the CONUS Crowd, what
it is like to live in strange and interesting places
where the Government really IS trying to kill folks,
and not all the pretend acting from the sixties. What
CAN I say, loved that part of Country Joe's Original
Invitation to the Summer of Love Gathering... Put it
all back into perspective again.

Ok, so we also talked about art, and the fun with
kalidescopes, and how various Psychotropics are no
longer as easy to live with....

And she knew the name of the band that plays that
really cool song on the Radio Now, that Tripped A Flare
on me, because unlike them, I HAVE had to Knock On Wood,
and I Don't Want to ask myself if I can make it one more
time, nor if I can even explain to them why there are some
questions that are best left unasked.....

Sometimes you do NOT want to know if one can Really BE
a Hero... Like all the JohnnyRamboFans Keep Painting up
on the BigPictureScreen, nor how to resolve the simplistic
questions of whether or not being Pro Viet Cong means getting
to BUY the 182 Dead Americans from Oct 12th 1967....

Or what it really means to send american boys off to kill
their vet-brothers to be in some other country... Or how
one stops those annoying little wars that break out, like
in rwanda, where no one has ever heard of before, where a
whole lot of folks get wasted in some important ideologocial
struggle, nor how to stop them...

30 years, and there are still little wars, and folks get
stoned now and again, and ...


Have we really gone all that far?

And our troops are still waiting to come home by christmas,
and some how there are no great rallies in D.C. to topple
the regime, since there is No Draft threatening to disrupt
the lives of nice people.... who will sit on the hills for
another how many ever.... With God on their Side....

Welcome To Beautiful Bosnia,
bet you never heard of it before now....


Date: 09/05/97
Time: 00:57:34