The Price is Right, Meets Let Us Play Body Count

drieux, just drieux (drieux@WETWARE.COM)
Sun, 31 Aug 97 17:19:37 -0800


When we start talking about 'the costs' that this
that or the next group gets to pay for Our Involvement
in the Vietnam war, I find it rather Culturally Myopic
that so few folks on either side of the Strictly American WhineFest
ever pause long enough to remember the Hot Slogan of PAVN:

"Born in the North To Die In The South."

So many americans seem so ANNOYINGLY Culturally Myopic
about the whole process, and how EvilIkkyYukkyGrossBad,
or WholesomePatrioticYadaYadaYada, were our WarMongerBabyKillers
that for reasons that remain totally unclear few of them
wish to address the questions about PAVN or ARVN....

But I guess it takes a Vet to Giggle at the complaints that
have been filtering out of the Great Workers Paradise of Vietnam
where the Vet Benifits are being cut back so that the Kapitalist
Roaders in Hanoi can balance the Budget and make better deals with
organizations like the Dae Woo Group....

I think that a lot of americans really NEED to get past their
cultural myopia FIRST before they start trying to Preach the
Gospel about Which Side had the Cleaner Set of Nickers....

Currently I have YET to see any of the various groups from the
sixties sort out how we stop the war in Isreal or Ireland, or....

Few really have been able to resolve What we Learned From Vietnam,
nor how it was or was not correctly implemented during the Persian
Gulf War, save that Vets Were NOT the target of the Political Rhetoric,
save, that this time around, a lot of the PsuedoConservativeProWarGeeks
got to screw up their courage and get All Jacked Up about 'winning', and
then have spent the intervening years considering the Persian Gulf Syndrome
as they Did the Agent Orange Syndrome.... just more that what ever....

Personally I'm waiting for the Nice CIVILIANS to get a grip, and
be able to support BOTH sets of Veterans from the Sixties... And
who knows, maybe the Civilians will learn to live with their survivors
guilt better than we do....


Date: 08/31/97
Time: 17:19:37