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You are so correct.

I have several friends that had budding, and or, successful businesses, and professions prior to serving in Vietnam. Unfortunately, three were killed

in battle, and of the two that are living, one lost an arm, and the other lost

a leg. Albeit for the love of country.


> I also want to say to those who seem to see the antiwar movement of the

>sixties as selfserving antidraft actions by elite college students, or some

>big fun sex and drugs party--if you were there, you'd know; it wasn't like

>that. We, many of us, gave up careers and put our hearts and selves and,

>often enough, freedom, on the line and sometimes risked our lives trying to

>end war...not just the Vietnam war, either. Hopefully, this list can help

>educate people to this reality.

>Paula Friedman



Hi, Joe,

You have it right with "take a flower to the wall." The purists on the war are
from some other planet. Maybe they're the kids I didn't hang out with? Who
knows? I was graduate school, army, vets for peace--all of whom are still, to
this day, my brothers. Dropped out, now am teacher and writer, not to mention
husband and father. The kids are dry and drug free: musician and artist--the
best of the sixties. Put wife through med school (my student in late sixties),
she works with the poor out here in the Kansas boonies. I try, I hope, to
impart what I've learned the hard way. And on . . . .

Right on!

Tom Page
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