Re: The Summer Of Love/Vets (Multiple posts)
Sun, 31 Aug 1997 18:22:01 -0400

From: Henry Beigh <>

Seems to me that there are those of us who are still on a witch-hunt to
impose the judaeo-christian value of guilt on someone. "Someone has to
be responsible..."

Re: life is complicated; Ya sure, you betcha! However, we are the ones
who make it so...

webmaster@BRIGHT-IDEA.COM wrote:

> The complexities, complications and nuances of life which went into
> each
> soldier's decision to enlist, or become inducted, as important as it
> was to
> that specific individual, is not relevant in viewing the personal
> choice
> itself and it's consequences and responsibilities.

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(2) From: stuart levitan <>

Contending that we don't owe our freedom, at least in part, to the military seems to overlook some basic facts of history: we won that freedom in a war in the 18th century, expanded that freedom in a war in the 19th century, and preserved that freedom in another war in the 20th century. Do you somehow think that without the military 50+ years ago we'd still be free today? Does the phrase "arsenal of democracy" ring a bell? Obviously some, even most, wars are heinous -- but every once in a while there's one that's necessary. That's not mindless, absurd patriotism; I think that's reality.