women films & where are folks (multiple responses)

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From: RozNews@aol.com
Subject: women films & where are folks

I agree there is not a great all around womens history film. I teach womens
history and have a good collection of the early womens films but there is not
a great history all on one film. I use shorter films for each class I teach.

The film you mentioned Making sense of the Sixties is called Making
Nonsense of the Sixties by a group of us that are upset with the politics and
choices of the filmmakers.

Paul Potter is dead, Robert Scheer writes for LA Times and the Nation Mag
has address for Robert Moses. I heard him speak abt. 6 months ago at Town
Hall in NYC.

Roz Payne


From: "John Bonnette" <melody@nternet.com>
Subject: Women's movement video

I know of two video's for classroom use which will provide an overview of
the women's movement. 1) Eqality: A History of the Wome's Movement in
America. Circa 1996. Uses news file footage and photos with
interviews/comments from notable activitists. Moves from denial of
founding fathers to "remember the ladies" to Seneca Falls, Rosie the
Riveter, political activism of the 60s, and "glass ceilings" of the 80s.
30 minutes long. $30.95

2) One Woman, One Vote: The American Experience. Narrated by Susan
Sarandon. Considerable detail of the 70 year struggle of the Women's
Suffrage Movement. Covers Seneca Falls to the passing of the 19th
amendment. Has a viewing guide. 106 minutes. 1995. 79.95

Available through Social Studies School Service
e-mail: access@SocialStudies.com
web: http://SocialStudies.com