the so called summer of love

Robert Crowell (rcrowell@HIWAAY.NET)
Mon, 25 Aug 1997 07:03:44 -0500 (CDT)

Interesting thread. Have read all with interest. What was it really like? MY
'summer of love" was spent in Vietnam trying to stay alive. Guess it worked.

So, I returned 'home' completely changed, ready to jump in and do my part
for 'the movement' only to find I was not wanted because of my experiences.
Almost all the 'hippies' and 'peaceniks' I've met then and since were in it
for themselves NOT to help create 'peace' in the country or the world. They
were afraid to go, wanted dope or sex, money, or all the above but were NOT
concerned about 'human rights' or 'the dignity of man'. In other words, they
were bullshit. A friend of mine at the time said it well when he said that
"love is bullshit". Not everybody was this way. I did have the honor of
meeting several truly fine people, both men and women, vets and non-vets.

I'm ready for a party. Mayby Joe is right and dead vets won the right for
that party, mayby not. One thing is certain, though. There would have been
no 'summer of love' at all were it not for that war and the involvement of
soldiers in same.

As for Joe McDonald --- if this is Country Joe --- I read he said "Blaming
soldiers for war is like blaming firemen for fire." Carry on, Joe!

Lets party,
Bob Crowell