Re: academia/organizing (multiple posts)
Thu, 21 Aug 1997 16:23:35 -0400

From: "James Cummins" <>

To All:

It should be obvious that there was a ^cold war^ only in the
sense that for the first time the main contestants could not fight
against each other directly, because of the power each side possesed
to destroy most of the civilized world. Each of the ^proxy^
wars that were fought instead was indeed a hot war to the military
forces in the field.

The Soviet Union collapsed because secular socialism is not a viable
economic system. All of the wars mentioned above contributed to the
demise of the Sovit Union by putting stress on a failing economic
system, but in addition the war in Viet Nam, which was most relevant
to the people in the sixties, prevented the spread of communism to all
of South-East Asia. If ^greed, dishonesty, corruption, depravity,
and power and money addictions^ were fatal to a country there
would be no major nation existing today.

James Cummins

From: "James Cummins" <>


My wife and I arrived (separately) at Berkeley in 1964, so we were
there for the so called ^free speech movement^. The
engineering classes I was in seemed to have little interest in the
events on campus. My wife said most of the radicals seemed to be
philosophy students or something like that. I did know of at least
one student, though I don^t remember his major, who finished his
studies and immediately signed up for something else because he
^didn^t want to go to Viet Nam and get shot and killed^.
I am sure there were a lot of those on every campus.

The national aggression charge is based on a lack of understanding of
the unprecedented ^cold war^. We had to fight the battles
with communism where we could, which was unfortunate for the people of
Viet Nam.

James Cummins