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It could have been worse. We could have been engaged in armed struggle when
the little weasels from the middle class ran out on us. Students have neither
the life experience, commitment or courage to be leaders for real social
change. Never did.

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The collapse of the Soviet Union was caused by greed, dishonesty, corruption,
depravity, and power and money addictions. The same thing will happen here.

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Glad to hear that you don't agree. The three major phases of the cold war
were Korea, Viet Nam, and Afganistan. Morality of war is a personal
judgement. It may be that no war is moral, but some are justified. My war
was Korea, where I worked on amunition ships carrying the explosives needed
to stop communism at that frontier. Viet Nam was necessary to prevent
further communist expansion in Asia. Afganistan was a communist mistake,
becuse they did not learn from our experience in Viet Nam. We were able to
do to the communists in Afganistan what they had done to us in Viet Nam,
and the result was the destruction of the Soviet Union.

I might agree that the we should not have fought in Viet Nam if you can
convince me that the Sovit Union would have collapsed without it.
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I feel the need to add my trivial $0.02 to the text quoted below...

While a good argument may be made from the academic perspective about the 3
major phases of the cold war, I must say that from direct experience that
there was not a damn thing "cold" about the war in Vietnam. As to the
usefulness of Vietnam in contributing to the collapse of the Soviet Union,
well it's always pretty easy to sit back and put forth these sorts of
hypothetical pearls of wisdom. Whether they are right or not is a different
matter altogether. Right or wrong, so what?