60s book (multiple posts)

Tue, 12 Aug 1997 21:03:55 -0400

From: epm2@lehigh.edu (TED MORGAN)

Peter asks:
>I need some help tracking down some "60s people" for a book on the sixties
>which I am presently writing. If anyone knows the whereabouts and/or
>status of any of the following I would appreciate their help:
Unfortunately Paul Potter died very young; it may have been cancer, I don't
remember. As for Robert Moses and Robert Scheer (Scherr?), you might try
contacting the Nation --Moses spoke at the Nation's night on "Reflecting on
the 60s" back in May (?) (I believe he's working with his math project in NYC,
with school kids, but I can't give you any more information), and Scheer who I
suspect is still in the Bay area writes for the Nation from time to time.. No
idea about the others' whereabouts.
You mention also the Reporter, long defunct, but a good investigative rag back
in the 50s --my dad subscribed, so I remember seeing it around. My memory is
they did a kind of job on Joe McCarthy, and I tend to associate Edw. R. Murrow
with it, though that may be a mistake because of the McCarthy connection. I
have a tape or LP of the McCarthy hearings, which I think they did. I can't
tell you what the New Left thought of the Reporter --I think it wasn't around
in the 60s (or after say 63 0r 64) --I think it just died out, but it would be
interesting to hear from an authority (wonder if James Aronson mentions it in
his book "The Press and the Cold War."
Ted Morgan

From: barbara winslow <Purplewins@compuserve.com>

Are there going to be any women in this book?