Info on the Avalon Ballroom and Family Dog Hall

Browne Donald (
Mon, 11 Aug 97 06:43:00 PDT

Dear Sixties People,

I am conducting research about San Francisco rock & roll venues in the
Of all the locations that I have documented (The Matrix, Fillmore
Auditorium, El Patio/Carousel Ballroom/Fillmore West, California Hall,
Longshoremen's Hall, Winterland, etc.) the two most elusive are the
"Avalon Ballroom," located at 1268 Sutter Street at Van Ness, and the
"Family Dog Hall," located on the Great Highway, north of Playland.
BTW, 1268 Sutter Street is now The Regency II Theater, and the "Hall" is
now condos.
I have read many books about the era, including "Summer Of Love" by
Joel Selvin and "Bill Graham Presents" by Bill Graham and associate.
The best written description of the "Avalon" appeared in "Bill Graham
Presents," p. 148: (Chet Helms speaking) "......the Avalon Ballroom,
one of a thirties chain of swing ballrooms in a building called the
Puckett Academy of Dance. It had an L-shaped balcony, gilded booths,
and columns. Red flocked wallpaper and a lot of mirrors, with the stage
in the far diagonal from the door. Like a music hall with a sprung wooden
dance floor."
I have also located a possible photograph of the "Avalon" at a website
called "The Sixties" at
The photograph is labeled "Monday Night Class with Stephen Gaskin"; and
sub-labeled "The Family Dog Ballroom - San Francisco, CA ~ August 1969"
(This photo does contain "an L-shaped balcony," possible "gilded booths,"
and indeed (wooden) "columns," and a door "at the far diagonal"!)
I have not been able to find an E-mail address for "Stephen Gaskin."
Can anyone verify that the photograph IS the Avalon Ballroom?
Are there any other photos of the "Avalon" or "Family Dog Hall" on the web?
Thank you for your assistance.
Donald S. Browne (