60s Book

Peter Levy (plevy@eagle.ycp.edu)
Fri, 8 Aug 1997 13:08:20 -0400 (EDT)

I need some help tracking down some "60s people" for a book on the sixties
which I am presently writing. If anyone knows the whereabouts and/or
status of any of the following I would appreciate their help: Robert Moses
(I have an old address); Paul Potter; Don Duncan; Gene Marine; Carl
Wittman and Robert Scherr. In addition, I am looking for information
regarding John Wayne, in particular copies of any pro-American speeches he
made during the 1960s. I much prefer the primary source or cite to them
to news coverage of such statements. Lastly, does anyone know anthing
about the magazine, "The Reporter," published by Max Ascoli? It published
an interesting report on the "Howl trial," in 1957 but I don't know what
happened to the magazine and/or what the New Left's view of this magazine
was. Please reply either to me personally, at plevy@ycp.edu or to the
list. Yours, Peter B. Levy, Assoc. Prof. of History, York College, 17405.