Re: QUERY: Rock and roll archives (multiple posts)

James L. Wood (jwood@MAIL.SDSU.EDU)
Sun, 3 Aug 1997 16:26:41 -0400

From: (James L. Wood)

A classic book on this is "I'm With the Band," or a similar title. Good
luck, Jim Wood

> students starting on her dissertation. Please respond directly to
> her. Thanks for your help! - Ginny Daley
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> I am a graduate student in history at Duke looking for source
> materials written by or related to rock and roll groupies during
> the late '50s,'60s and/or '70s. I am most keenly interested in
> primary sources -- any hidden gems in archives, basements, etc. --
> but would certainly appreciate any secondary source references that
> spring to mind, as the indexing on "groupies" is not terribly
> thorough. Thanks. --Katy Fenn (

From: Elizabeth Manny <>

Both Pamela DesBarres (sp) and Eve Babitz have written wonderful books
on the rock scene of the '60's and '70's. The subject of groupies is
well covered in their work.
Also try searching "The Village Voice" and "Rolling Stone" for articles
on the Plastercasters, a group of young women who made casts of rock
stars' private parts. You also might come up with some information in
the "LA Free Press."
Elizabeth Manny

From: chris shugart <>

I seem to recall a book "I'm With The Band" by Pamela Debarres (aka Pamela
Miller). Someone might be able to confirm that. I did read some amusing
anecdotes about the notorious plaster-casters (you figure it out) in Frank
Zappas autobiography. Also some peculiar groupie stories in his book as
well. You'll also find various groupie stories in any number of other rock
star autobiographies. David Cassidy, and John Densmore come to mind. Also
Marianne Faithful sheds some light on the subject.