QUERY: Rock and roll archives

Daley, Ginny (vld@mail.lib.duke.edu)
Wed, 30 Jul 97 10:52:23 EST

I am submitting the following reference query for one of our
students starting on her dissertation. Please respond directly to
her. Thanks for your help! - Ginny Daley vld@mail.lib.duke.edu


I am a graduate student in history at Duke looking for source
materials written by or related to rock and roll groupies during
the late '50s,'60s and/or '70s. I am most keenly interested in
primary sources -- any hidden gems in archives, basements, etc. --
but would certainly appreciate any secondary source references that
spring to mind, as the indexing on "groupies" is not terribly
thorough. Thanks. --Katy Fenn (katy@acpub.duke.edu)