Re: Bob Dylan

Stuart Levitan (
Sun, 20 Jul 1997 02:55:20 -0500

Elizabeth Manny wrote:
> RE: Bringing It All Back Home album...
> Does anyone know who the sultry brunette on the cover of this album is?
> Was she Sarah Dylan, Bob's wife -- or someone else???? My friends and I
> have wondered about this since 1965 when the album first came out. Thanks
> for your thoughts.
> Elizabeth Manny

The woman on the cover of BIABH is Sally Grossman, wife of Albert (Bob's
manager at the time). Although some said it was Bob in drag, it was
Sally. It was also Sally to whom Joan Baez sang "Sally Go Round th
Roses" in "Don't Look Back," Pennebakers documentary of 66 Brit tour.
/s/ stuart levitan