Re: Music (multiple responses)

Sat, 5 Jul 1997 22:17:46 -0400


Subject: Re: Music

have you read David Pichaske, A Generation in Motion. Popular Music
and Culture in the Sixties, New York 1979?
Best wishes,


From: "Drs. M. de Groot" <>
Subject: Re: Music

I've a fairly complete collection of sixties music. Maybe I can be of
some help.

Drs. M. de Groot


From: (James L. Wood)
Subject: Re: Music

Jerry: I have written about 60s music and will send you hard copies of
same. In addition, you should obtain Bob Dylan's book, Lyrics, which
contains all the lyrics to his songs from 1962-1985, or thereabouts; and
Dylan's five album set entitled, Biograph, which contains most of his
Sixties contributions, along with his first-time comments on them. There
are, of course, several books on him, the Stones, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, R
& B/Lieber and Stoller, etc. that should be available in most libraries and
book stores. One of my publications reviews a book that portends to show
how to organize a sociology course by listening to Rock and related music,
which I'll send you. Good luck, Jim

Jerry: Another idea: within the last year or so, Dylan released a CD that
contained many items of his career that could be of interest to you. Jim

Jerry: Thank you for the book info. It looks very good. One more item
for your music course: the title of Dylan's interactive music CD Rom,
covering his whole career, is: Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Interactive. Good
luck, Jim