PT109 (multiple responses)

Mon, 30 Jun 1997 01:30:54 -0400


From: Aron Kay <>
Subject: Re: PT109

jimmy dean did a record called pt109 in 1962

> I teach a Modern American History course and am searching for a song
> concerning John Kennedy's heroic exploits on board a PT 109. I don't know
> the title or artist. Can anyone help? Also, any suggestions regarding
> music of the 60s that would be important to highlight would be helpful.
> Thanks, Melody Bonnette
> Melody


From: Henry Beigh <>
Subject: Re: music

One song I remember is called PT109 and was recorded, I believe, by Jimmy
Dean. Released during the presidential campaign I think.



From: Barbara L Tischler <>
Subject: Re: music

Dear Melody,
There was a song called, I think, "PT 109." I can't help you much
with anything else about that. The subject of music in teh 1960s is a
huge one. Give your list colleagues some clearer information, and I'm
sure many of us can provide you with songs, books, etc...
For example:
"When" are the sixties you're interested in?
Are you interested in mainstream pop music, folk, rock, jazz,
electronic, experimental?
Are you interested in radio and developments there?
British and American comparisons?

These are just a few questions that come to mind for me before trying to
answer you question. Good luck with your project.

Barbara L. Tischler
Columbia University