Re: Sixties Movements

Mike Bennett (
Tue, 24 Jun 97 05:05:26 UT

You got that right. We knew that a small number of people could raise a lot
of hell. Most people ,as always, went about their business and paid not a lot
of attention to what people on the streets were doing. The largest part of
college students did and thought exactly as their parents and simply ignored
campus radicals and dopers in favor of increasing income prospects. Only
about 10% of the populace were involved in the American Revolution. That is
how it has always been. Most people simply want to be left alone to practice
their addictions. We knew that the hippies would show up for fun things like
demos, but not for work or streetfighting, classified as "bringdowns" The
government did not know this and were more afraid of The Movement than was
necessary. The working class was led to believe that all demonstrator were
middle-class dope fiend hippies, basically, the bosses' kids.

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I swore to myself I would not do this, but the evil demons inside of
me have gotten the better of me. Get thee behind me, Satan!

You are right, only a fraction of the youth of the sixties was
directly affected by the counterculture. (although a few years down
stream virtually everyone was.) But in my own not too humble opinion,
those that were affected by the leftwing labor part of the
counterculture were the minority. They may have been a lot of people
in absolute numbers, but they were a small percentage of the
counterculture as a whole, and an even smaller percentage of the youth
of that time.