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A few titles of interest:

Rothman, Stanley & S. Robert Lichter. ROOTS OF RADICALISM: Jews,
Christians, and the New Left. 1982. Oxford University Press.

Mendes, Philip. THE NEW LEFT, THE JEWS, AND THE VIETNAM WAR, 1965-1972.
Lazare Press.

Mendelsohn, Ezra (ed). ESSENTIAL PAPERS ON JEWS AND THE LEFT. 1997. (Not
Yet Published).

Liebman, Arthur. JEWS AND THE LEFT. (Contemporary Religious Movements). 1978.


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At 04:32 PM 5/27/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Suzanne Boettger's post on art movements/retrospectives on the '60s struck
>me, as I am hoping to develop an exhibition (working title "Jews in the '60s
>Movement") at the Jewish museum in Berkeley where I work. I need to come up
>with possible sources of materials rather quickly, to propose this in the
>next couple of months. If anyone has suggestions - archives or persons with
>materials relating to this subject - could you please let me know? Thanks.
>Paula Friedman