Re: education in the 60s (multiple responses)

Sat, 14 Jun 1997 05:16:53 -0400


From: Scott Walter <>
Subject: Re: education in the 60s

Two good collections of articles from the late 60s/early 70s on
educational criticism and reform are

Beatrice and Ronald Gross, eds., _Radical School Reform_

Ronald Gross and Paul Osterman, eds., _High School_

These books collect snippets from most of the "major" works from the
period (including most of the sources already cited by earlier respondents).

Another good source for grassroots stuff would be the _New Schools
Exchange Newsletter_ (if your library has it). The New Schools Exchange
was the major clearinghouse for information on the free school movement
through much of the era (esp. after the collapse of the American
Summerhill Society in 1971).


Scott Walter
Indiana University


Subject: Re: education in the 60s (multiple responses)

i thought a good book was THE WAVE a true story about a history class that
when a little to far when the discided to make a new school order, a
simulation if you might call it of what Adolf Hitler did. i thought i was
great. this took place back in the sixties.


From: Barbara L Tischler <>
Subject: Re: education in the 60s

Dear Kim,
See what your students think of Bowles and Gintis, "Teaching as a
Subversive Activity." It's very much in the spirit of 1960s educational
criticism and, to some extent, reform. A chapter or two might suffice, as
the book's various sub-themes are generally all derived from their
analysis of primary education as socialization more than creative

Good luck!

Barbara L. Tischler
Columbia University