philosophy of flower child of sixties

Mon, 26 May 1997 20:09:42, -0500

From: Sally Merry

I am a former hippie/flower child from the west coast. I recently
read about the sixties in my daughter's American History book and was
alarmed at the inaccuracies. I am now in the process of researching
and writing an article on the sixties that accurately depicts the
philosophy of the flower child/hippie as opposed to that of the
people involved in protests and the anti-war movement. I am
interested in hearing from people who went to love-ins and be-ins as
opposed to those who went to sit-ins and protest ralleys. If people
who used the drugs of the day for mind expansion and not destruction
could share their mind set from the sixties with me it would be
appreciated. How has your philosophy changed? How has your
lifestyle changed? Do you feel that you have sold out to Corporate
America and rash commercialism or have you managed to keep your
idealism alive in the 90's? I await your reply.