on ghandian tactics

drieux H. (drieux@WETWARE.COM)
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 13:09:25 -0700 (PDT)

A part of the mental excercise for the day,
why is it when folks counter-pose Ghandi's
Tactics, they like to point towards say

World War II

but rarely if ever like to put forward the
debate in terms of counterposing say Dr. Martin Luther King
over and against Malcolm X and/or the Black Panther Party!

This is an important part of the question that
is the War In Vietnam, to what level need violence
be met with more violence? Should the Dissident Element
in the USA have risen up against the Repression of the
Jim Crow Laws using the Classical Anti-Ghandian Thesis
that the fastest route to a solution is through Armed Struggle?
In Like Manner, is the failure of the Diem Regime to be
attributed to it's Inability to find NEITHER a Peaceful
solution, such as the threat of a re-unification vote,
nor an actual Armed Struggle, to root out the Dissident Elements.
Since Clearly Diem was so unwilling to support the Carthaginian
Solution and simply BOMB the Buddhist Temple Back into the Stone Age,
and to sew their lands with DIOXINS!

As we see with the unresolved issues of the 'anti-war' movement,
they too never were able to find complete satisfaction with the
idea of 'non-violence' since clearly what the LiberalMediaPuppets
fobbed off in the USA as 'armed revolutionary actions' made many
of us who were aware of what Actual Armed Revolutionary Actions were
Giggle at the LightComicOpera of the NewLeft's Armed Struggle. Attacking
A Math Research Center, and accidentally Killing a Human, is not a great
basis for the opening rounds of the Great Struggle Against the Fascists!

There is still rhetoric floating around that the vietnam era was
the closest that the USA has been to civil war since the Hiddeous
NORTHERN ARMED AGGRESSION of the 1860's. But did folks then, or now,
REALLY want anything more? Were they really ready, willing, or able,
to embark upon the sort of protracted struggle that would be EITHER
the Ghandian Effort, OR the unpleasantry of escalating the Matter to
Armed Revolution????

Perchance a core part of the complications of the PostVietnamEra is
this neither/nor and our full on ambivolence towards whether peaceful
solutions can be found, and to what levels escalations to violence are
a good thing. The Current EvilKlintonianEfforts to demilitarize the SRVN
by establishing market ties, might well lead to the Cultural Destruction
of the Militarist Tradition of Vietnam, and although PAVN may not become
VICTIMIZED by the LiberalMedia, and find their slice of the GNP Cut from
the Budget, the creation of a viable Economy will clearly shift the percentage
of the GNP that PAVN will actually acquire! Is this a Good Form Of
Kultural Imperialism to Impose a 'rice merchants' mentality upon the vietnamese
and turn that country into a land of Chinese Merchants, rather than it's
Glorious and Heroic Cultural Legacy of Militarism? In like Manner, the
MainForceAssault that occurs in the USA as the Macro-Economy Grows the
Percentage of the GNP for the MilitaryIndustialComplex Falls, EVEN WITHOUT
any defense cuts! And as such our Glorious and Heroic Cultural Legacy of
Militarism fades into a blur with the YuppyPuppyParasites taking over
control NOT ONLY of the Government but of the Cultural Institutions! And
this without EVEN having the Moral Courage to take these Bastions by
Force of ARMS!!!!!


One really must wonder.....