Sixties fashion (multiple responses)

Tue, 8 Apr 1997 03:01:38 -0400


From: "rachel barrett martin" <>
Subject: Re: fashion, nostalgia, memornilia, etc.

Patricia Kennealey-Morrison's autobiography, _Strange Days_ (subtitle
something about life with and without Jim Morrison), talks A LOT about her
clothing choices. -- RBM



From: Paul Heavens <>
Subject: Re: fashion, nostalgia, memornilia, etc.

I was in Chicago in the sixties. I particuarly remember wearing a bandana
tied just above the
knee of bellbottom levis,split at the bottom on both seams with a triangle
"wedge" of another material to increase the "bell", cowboy boots or
"beatleboots", frilled shirts (no collar) and western style drape jackets,
maroon in color, add to this long hair, beard and flat brimmed cowboy black
hat with silver dollars band. this look later was taken up by John Lennon.

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