Re: Penny Evans (multiple posts)
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 21:56:47 -0500

From: (Ted Morgan)
Two things Re:
>>>> Bill Hoover wrote
>>>>..."The Ballad of Penny Evans" one of the most haunting acapella
>ballads I have >>>ever heard on the Viet Nam war. . . it brings me to tears...

Does anyone on the list remember the group Earth Opera's song, "The Great
American Eagle Tragedy"? A powerful piece full of anguish over the war, I
play it in my class at the very end of "Hearts & Minds" when the credits are
running (w/ film sound off). Always seems to leave things in an appropriate
I didn't catch the details of Penny Evans --can someone give me a recording
citation so I could see if I can find & listen to it?

Ted Morgan

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From: "Patrick Julian" <>

Steve Goodman'x album "Somebody elses Troubles" released on Buddah in 1971 and
released in 1992 (Unidisc Productions in Montreal Quebec) has "The Ballad of
Penny Evans" on it and is still available. I picked it up today in Vancouver,
British Columbia at A & B Sound after following some of the discussion on the
song. I note that there is thanks given on the cd cover to Louis Killen whose
recording of "The Flying Cloud" provided the outline for the song.

I have a whole file of Steve Goodman lyrics if anybody wants them.
Ron Nelson