Re: national monuments

Fri, 14 Mar 1997 13:51:14 -0500 (EST)

Marc Gilbert mentions that Woodstock and People's Park should be national

I think we should think more seriously about such a concept than I've known
anyone to do.

For me--for anyone who was there in 1966 ff., or in 1982?, or certainly in
1987--the area outside Main Gate at the Port Chicago/Concord Naval Weapons
Station should be named such a monument. (Since there's a chance of this base
closing, maybe Contra Costa County at least could be encouraged to do this.)
(Since there's a chance the base'll be a transition point for nuclear fuel
dumping, maybe there'll be lots more demos and so on there.))

Then of course there's the field at Kent State.

And what others?

This is not a joke (quite). "After the revolution" would it not (have)
happen(ed)? In fact in Europe people seem really more aware of such things;
I think in particular of the plaques to resistance martyrs nearly everywhere
in France (and elsewhere).

Paula Friedman