Re: The Sixties Project in the

10 Mar 97 13:28:00 EST

I would like help with a research question for a doctoral class in
cognitive film theory. There are interesting accounts in memoirs from
Vietnam Veterans where vets compare their experiences in Vietnam to the
World War II movies that they had seen growning up. These accounts often
range from surprise to disappointment to resentment that they had been
deceived. I would like help on two fronts. I am looking for as many
of these recollections - WWII films to reality in Vietnam - as I can
find. Please tell me what books or articles you may know of that contain
these references. Additionally, my real research concerns why such a
reaction existed - given the obvious that if you have never been to war,
how do you know what to expect. I am particularly interested in hearing
from vets - do you know of anyone researching a similar question.

Dotty Hamilton