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From: mhayes@scu.edu.au (Dr. Mark Hayes)

Greetings All,

Hope a more informed Australian also responds to this... However...

>I'm not sure of the movement being called The Push but you must be on the
>right track.

'The Push' was a Sydney-based left wing loose association active around
identities like the then Professor of Philosophy at Sydney Uni, John
Anderson, during the 1950s and into the early 60s. It wasn't really a
movement or a party, but often a loose political discussion and drinking

>I believe Richard Nelville was the editor of the Australian Oz
>and the founder of the London Oz. Germaine Greer presented some of her views
>and concepts in Oz that later lead to The Female Eunuch.

Richard Neville was one of the three founders of Oz magazine in Sydney in
the early 1960s, and the trio then decamped to London... The book to read
is Neville, R. Playpower, London: Granada/Paladin, 1971.

How times change, one of Neville's co-editors, Richard Walsh, now works as
a key senior editor for Australia's most powerful media mogul, Kerry
Francis Bullmore Packer... (Rupert Murdoch isn't an Australian citizen;
he's a US citizen...)

Hope this helps...

From: jo grant <jgrant@bookzen.com>

I just heard from Ken Wachsberger about your not being able to find a copy
of Volume One of Voices. Although many university libraries have copies,
theyare impossibleto find. I have a coupleof personal copies--I published
the books--and would loan a set to you, but being down to two sets I
couldn't sell them.

I have everything if Ken was unable to provide for your needs.

j grant
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