Sixties fiction (multiple responses)

Thu, 30 Jan 1997 22:31:24 -0500

From: Morgan Morgan <>
Subject: Re: Sixties fiction (multiple messages)

I would like to contribute some work to the anthology or whatever, but
I was wondering if anyone had any information on the Statute of
Limitations on crimes committed during that period. I have been working
on a novel for quite along time, but have got conflicting information on
the Statute of Limitations and obviously don't want to publish things
that may compromise mine or other peoples freedom. Anyone real familiar
with this?

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From: RADMAN <> Subject: Re: Sixties fiction

As a bookseller specializing in 1960s countercultural materials, my opinion is that there were numerous sensationalistic novels published in the late 60s/early-mid 70s but didn't find much of a market, hence their relative obscurity. (A sampling follows.) I am in agreement that there has been relatively nothing of recent publication concerning 'The '60s' in novelized form.

(no particular order- ALL fiction) Blum, Ralph. Old Glory And The Real-Time Freaks. (1973) re: stoned freaks Garbo, Norman. The Movement. (1969) re: campus uprising Hart, Carolyn. Danger: High Explosives. (1972) re: anti-ROTC Littlejohn, David. The Man Who Killed Mick Jagger. (1977) re: rock concerts Nasnaga. Indian's Summer (1975) re: American Indian uprising Oleck, Jack. The Villagers. (1971) re: Greenwich Village/drugs Marshall, Lenore. The Confrontation And Other Stories (1972) re: anti-war Gunn, James E. Kampus (1977) re: what if student movement really won?


Joe Williams