Books on the feminist movement

Stu Shiffman and Andi Shechter (roscoe@HALCYON.COM)
Sat, 18 Jan 1997 22:12:38 -0800

>The finest student in our department is taking a course (just
>starting) from another instructor NOT in my department
>(history) or in the Literature Department on the feminist movement.
>She would like to suppliment what she fears will be a limited
>historical and literary approach in that course with an elective
>course from me.
>I would like to assign her about eight books, memoirs or novels, that
>she can read and review. If you have some favorites, please let me

Marc - My strongest recommendation for Marge Piercy's Small Changes - which
offers an excellent perspective on various ways that women deal with the
changes that came.
The other suggestion is more oddball - Lily Tomlin's stage play was made
into a book (and of ocurse, I'm so blank "Signs of Intelligent Life in the
Universe? - help!) and she does a _marvelous_ job of capturing women's
lives during the movement, women's liberation, coping. It's a super
alternative to straight narrative fiction or even memoirs, and struck me as
very real (and yeah, I'm old enough to remember it - I was there.)

Andi Shechter