Re: Personal Narratives about Mayday (multiple messages)
Wed, 22 Jan 1997 02:01:44 -0500


From: Paula Friedman
Subject: Re: Personal Narratives about Mayday

Dear Miles,
Sorry, I wasn't at Mayday--having grown up in D.C. I avoid(ed) the place--but
your list of questions itself brings back the time, the memory of other
demonstrations (in my case, in the Bay Area mostly and especially Port
Chicago and Stop the Draft Week). You maybe should publish the QUESTIONS as
a piece in itself (hey only half-joking). Best to you on this book. How did
you find you a publisher for sixties fiction--I mean, that actually deals
with the realities? I've done such a book, and the responses to query
letters, even--as in "The sixties have been done already" variations--seem to
be sending a certain political message.
I think the nonviolent antiwar movement, in particular, has got short
shrift in the literature, and so this book sounds particularly useful.
Paula Friedman



From: Country Joe McDonald
Subject: Re: Personal Narratives about Mayday

I believe the Vietnam Veterans Against the Wars' Chicken Shit Brigade
threw chicken shit at the Pentagon during that event I think I sang at a
demo on the Mall with Pete Seeger et al... country joe mcdonald