Books on feminist movement (multiple responses)
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From: RADMAN <>
Subject: Re: feminist movement

On Thu, 16 Jan 1997, Marc J. Gilbert wrote:

> I would like to assign her about eight books, memoirs or novels, that
> she can read and review. If you have some favorites, please let me
> know!

OK here's a few:

Morgan, Robin. Going Too Far
Echols, Alice. Daring To Be Bad
Redstockings Collective. Feminist Revolution
Freeman, Jo. The Politics Of Women's Liberation
Friedan, Betty. It Changed My Life
Salper, Roberta (ed.) Female Liberation
Howe, Florence. No More Masks
Rossi, Alice (ed.) The Feminist Papers
Rowbotham, Sheila. Women, Resistance & Revolution

and of course , the "classics"

Firestone, Shulamith. The Dialectic Of Sex
Friedan, Betty. The Feminine Mystique
Greer, Germaine. The Female Eunuch
Millet, Kate. Sexual Politics
Solanas, Valerie. SCUM Manifesto
Morgan, Robin. Sisterhood Is Powerful

Hope this helps!

Joe Williams


From: Anne Marie Ellison <>
Subject: Re: feminist movement

_A Taste of Power: A Black Woman's Story_ by Elaine Brown (Anchor Books,
1992) -- a memoir of a leading woman in the Black Panther Party. I read
it last semester for a course and found it really enlightening and
thoroughly "readable".

Anne Marie Ellison
University of Michigan



From: Tom Condit <>
Subject: Re: feminist movement

Marc Gilbert is a little unclear in his message asking for recommendations
of readings on "the feminist movement" in at least two ways.

First, the time frame and geography within which his student is working.

Second, whether "books, memoirs or novels," means books limited to memoirs
or novels, or books including memoirs and novels. (See what happens when a
copy editor reads your mail!)

I have a couple of suggestions about books, not memoirs or novels.

First, on the historical background of the feminist movement in the U.S.,
there are two key books:

Eleanor Flexner, _A Century of Struggle_ (NY: Atheneum Press, 1968), is an
overview of the feminist and women's rights movements in the U.S. from
before Seneca Falls.

Meredith Tax, _The Rising of the Women: Feminist solidarity and class
conflict, 1880-1917_ (NY and London: Monthly Review Press, 1980) is the best
history of the working-class women's movement in the U.S. to World War I.
Tax is also a novelist.

Two works which had enormous influence on many feminists in the early 1970s
are by the English socialist-feminists Juliet Mitchell (_Women, the Long
Revolution_) and Sheila Rowbotham (_Woman's Consciousness, Man's World_),
both published by Penguin Books.

I suspect this isn't what's wanted, but perhaps someone else will find it

Tom Condit



Subject: Re: feminist movement

Re: Marc Gilbert's request...

These come to mind first:

Sara Evans, Personal Politics (good on links to civ.rts. new left)
Robin Morgan, Sisterhood is Powerful (good reader of period documents)
[Maybe Betty Friedan's Feminine Mystique for its importance as a seminal work)
Jane Alpert, Growing up Underground (good, reflective, autobiography of former
Maybe Marge Piercy's novel,Vida about Alpert/Dohrn-type character & underground
Ruth Rosen's history of the Women's movement
Alice Echols' same re. radical feminism (sorry, forgetting these titles)
Maybe Wini Breines book on "Growing up Female in the 50s" or something like
Lots of additional bits & pieces (articles, etc.) by Ann Popkin, Wini Breines,
Good idea for a reading course!

Ted Morgan

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