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Maggie Jaffe <>
Subject: Re: Art & the Vietnam War

Dear Sixties People & Jo Grant:

Lucy Lippard's *A Different War* is one the best sources for art on the VN
War. It doesn't have a time line, but Lippard's essay is extremely

For a time line and provocative posters try:
*Decade of Protest: Political Posters from the United States, Viet Nam,
Cuba 1965-1975*
Susan Martin
Smart Art Press, 1996
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From: (John Baky)
Subject: Re: Vietnam month by month

>Just received a call from an art historian at a local college (here in
>Madison, WI) who wants to include a time-line of the Vietnam War with an
>art show.
>Need titles of book or books that would enable the art historian to trace
>significant happenings during the war, month-by-month, or year-by-year.
>Respond via sixtiesL or directly to: <>

The Vietnam War Day-by-Day 1961-1975
Bowman, Johm S., Editor
Mallard Pr., 1989

The World Almanac of the Vietnam War
Bowman, John S., Editor
NY:World Almanac, 1985

Vietnam Battle Chronology: U.S. Army & Marine Corps Combat Operations, 1965-1973
Sigler, David Burns
North Carolina:McFarland, 1992
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