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From: (Ron Silliman)

You wrote:

I sold the Barb on Telegraph for brief periods once or twice during
'69. It was not an easy way to make money.

An acquaintance who had Erving Goffman for a class was assigned to do
this at one point (a variation on his "go out and panhandle and see who
you have to become in order to be successful" assignment, I suppose).

I can hardly imagine a less organized group of people than former Barb
hawkers (unless it was the folks who hung out at Pepe's Pizza '64-'67,
the ancestors of the Peoples Park scene).

Ron Silliman



From: Jonah Raskin <>

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Hello - I didn't sell the Barb on the streets, but your idea for a thesis is
great - really original, and seems to have lots of promise. I'd love to read
it when you're all done. Jonah Raskin



From: (James L. Wood)
Subject: Re: berkeley barb

Contact Robert Scheer at the LA Times. His brother, Max Scheer, started
the Barb. Good luck.

>howdie. i'm trying to track down heads who were involved with the