Change from listproc to majordomo

Kali Tal (Kali.Tal@YALE.EDU)
Mon, 2 Dec 96 09:28:03 MST

Sixties Folk:

I'm writing to announce that we've made a shift from listproc to majordomo
software. For most of you this will make little difference in your
subscriptions, but for those of you who were set to "digest" option, I'm
sorry to report that majordomo doesn't allow you to set to digest at the
moment, but I'm working right now on adding a digest function which should
be operational in a couple of weeks.

If you haven't been receiving SIXTIES-L messages for a while, and you are
suddenly receiving them now, it's probably because you had set SIXTIES-L
nomail some time in the past. If you'd like to stop receiving messages
from the list, you can simply unsub (instructions are appended).

We made the switch because listproc had a habit of breaking down for days on
end, and occasionally eating all the incoming mail in the queue. Majordomo
is far more reliable, and we anticipate improved service.

There are some differences between listproc and majordomo commands. First
of all, majordomo commands need to be sent to:

The format for subscription is different than listproc. As usual, when you
send a note to majordomo, leave the subject line blank. The subscription
command should read:

subscribe sixties-l your_email_address

If I was subscribing, I'd send this request:

subscribe sixties-l

Majordomo, unlike listproc, doesn't need your name. To unsubscribe, I'd
send the following command:

unsubscribe sixties-l

To unsub, majordomo *needs* your email address.

Since majordomo doesn't allow for the "nomail" command, you'll have to unsub
when you go on vacation, and resubscribe upon your return.

The "review" command is placed different in majordomo. To review the list,
send majordomo the following message:

who sixties-l

You'll get a list of everyone who has subscribed, but you'll just get email
addresses, not names.

You can't sign on as a concealed user with majordomo, but that shouldn't
affect many of you since I think we only had 4-5 concealed users.

I apologize if this seems like a more primitive system than listproc. In
some ways it is, but the reward is more regular service and fewer breakdowns
and lost messages. There is apparently an upgrade of majordomo on its way,
which may allow us to add back some of the commands we've lost.

Kali Tal
SIXTIES-L co-moderator
Kali Tal
Sixties Project & Viet Nam Generation, Inc.
PO Box 13746, Tucson, AZ 85732-3746
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