Re: vietnam and money (multiple responses)
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Subject: Re: vietnam and money


Thomas C. Thayer, __War without Fronts__ (Westview, 1985) has some
figures for the 1969-1971 period (pp. 23-26). This is a very helpful book
in general.
Tony Edmonds
Ball State univ



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Subject: Re: vietnam and money

] I have a question that hopefully someone can answer. I am
] looking for the amount of money the U.S. spent on Vietnam each year of
] the war. I have looked in so many sources and I have only found the
] figures for 1972-1972. Does anyone know of any sources I might be able
] to turn to? Thank you!
] Amy Sutton

Are You looking for an Official Total?
Are You including in this the cost
of Black Ops??? Are You including
in this such operations as never existed
as the ones which were conducted not directly
in Vietnam, but along the Vietnamese-Thai Border.

{ Officially we did NOT have any personnel in
Laos or Cambodia, but we did have some
Vietnamese-Thai Border operations from time to time. }


ps: based upon the normative Declassification Schedule,
TS and Code Word Cleared Documents should be declasssing
in the next decade or so, give or take a need to protect
the american voting community from the Unpleasant Aspects
of the Information So Classified.