Re: Did the media lose the war in Vietnam?

drieux H. (
Tue, 5 Nov 1996 10:19:25 -0500

] I'm a sophomore at the College of William and Mary and I'm doing
] a research paper called "Did the media lose the war for us in Vietnam?"
] I'm trying to get many different perspectives about the media's influence
] because I obviously didn't live through it to have personal feelings of
] my own. .....Lindsay

What is interesting here is the Idea that the Media is
sufficiently powerful in, of and by itself as to be able
to defeat the greatest armed force in the World.

Granted many people will recall when Walter Cronkite,
on behalf of his RedKommunistPayMastersInMoskva noted
that he had become unsure of Total Victory in Vietnam,
and note this as the Water Shed of the RedKonspirakii
against our Valiant Fighting Forces at the Front.

But no one seems to wish to recall that when President Johnson,
under orders of his RedKommunistPayMastersInMoskva, noted that he
would Not Personally Stand For Re-election to defend his Foreign
Policy at the Ballot Box, he had, in essence said Far More than
Walter and all the Journalists Could.

What is perchance More Important, is how the Media Got Us INTO
vietnam, and then would slowly start to notice that it was not
the Heroic and Noble Cause that they had presumed of the Holy Crusade.

Baring some Unpleasant Commentary about Ap Bac, the Media, in the
main had been the Loyal Lap Dog of the White House Party Line and
had faithfully regurgitated upon command what ever it was fed. LBJ
would find it difficult to control the 'outcry' that followed the
passage of the Gulf of Tonkien Resolution, which was Opposed in the
Senate by Only TWO RedKommunistPaidAgentsOfMoskva, who would not
survive the next election campaign.

Reporting about the War in Vietnam was generically the SmileyFaced
Happy World Where Our Boys Valiantly Stood Off Against the Evil Forces
of the Red Hordes to save White Christian America, ooops, The Free World.
Right Up Until the Glorious Victory of the Tet Offensive. At which point
the whole of the RedKommunistPaidAgentsOfMoskva, from LBJ down, began to
fret about the viability of the War....

Where things will get most interesting, will be the Reporting during
the '72 Easter Offensive, and in particular the '72 Xmass Bombing. Where
the Left and Right Jump Into Bed is with the Mythical Belief that Richard
Nixon ACTUALLY implemented his 'mad man theory' and had Actually Embarked
upon 'going down town' to do to Hanoi what we had previously been done only
to Dreden/Hamburg/Tokyo. In Terms of Myth and Majik, the Xmass Bombing had
the Great Impact of Providing the Marketting PR that the American's Could
have Won at Any Time That They Wanted! But closer inspection will reveal
that the 'Peace Treaty' that was signed was little more than what had been
agreed to PRIOR to the Easter Offensive. Thus for all the B-52 Crews Lost
during the Great Air War, the USA walks away with 'nothing new' - except a
media blitz that allows them to save face.

If anything, we should be BLAMING the Liberal Media Establishment for playing
the LapDogLackeyRole to Richard M. Nixon and selling his Party Line!!!