Re: Eartha Kitt and Lady Bird (multiple responses)

jo grant (
Sun, 3 Nov 1996 19:29:26 -0500

Sixties Listers:

As soon as Lady Bird and Juvenile Delinquency was mentioned it all flooded back.

Thanks for the multiple responses.

By the way, this was brought on as a result of my (music major-cello)
daughter calling me from Seattle and informing me that she had a choice of
two concerts one night last week. Eartha Kitt and a contempory jazz icon.
She told me she was going to the EK concert because she remembered me
telling her about an incident EK provoked at a wite House dinner.

I had to admit that I could not recall the details. She went to the EK
concert, said she was moved to tears, stayed for the second show and true
to what she had learned on picket lines and in demonstrations starting when
she was three--walked back stage like she owned the place, shook Kitt's
hand and thanked her for being an inspiration politically and musically.

To which I will add my thanks and gratitude to EK--a little slip of a girl
who left an incredibly racist Columbia, SC as a teen, did her thing, stood
her ground, an inspires to this day.

jo grant

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