Re: Military Terminology

drieux H. (
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 15:42:10 -0400

] *Debridement* is a sequence poem composed of several texts written in
] different voices. It opens with an official citation for the Medal of
] Honor given to "STAC JOHN HENRY LOUIS" (the text is written in all caps
] to emulate the officialese of military discourse) for bravery in
] the face of an ambush of his tank patrol in Dak To. But in other texts,
] those written in normal type, Louis is referred to as STAC John Henry
] Louis and sometimes just as STAC.

] Michael Bibby

If John Henry Louis is a Naval Person,
then it could well be his Rating

STA: Sonar Tech Analyst
C: Chief ( E-7 )

But this would have to mean he was a SEAL at the time
and running with Tanks is a bit strange a context for
a SEAL team operation.....

But I do not recall that the Sonar Community Had done
the Breakout between A's and M's during the vietnam war.
{ I may be wrong on this, but I just do not recall it. }

But if this is based upon a real life event of a Spec/4 ( E-4 )
then that is an Army Person, and three grades Junior.