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Sat, 28 Sep 1996 23:39:04 -0400

>I remember seeing the list printed in the alternative pres, possibly the
>Berkeley Barb, in l968 under the Heading, "This is Your Life," an ironic
>reference to a TV show that used to present people with a version of their
>life stories and bring in surprise guests. The Alternative Press Index
>be a help in finding that.
>Kathleen Rout
>> From: Michael Walsh <>
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>> Subject: the lottery
>> I am trying to determine when the first lottery was held to draft kids
>> into the war. Also, is their a list of the birthdates and lotto picks?
>> Thanks, Michael

I'm almost certain it was in November of 1969, not '68.

I was 1A at the time having dropped one course first semester of my
freshman year at American U in DC (a rather heady place to spend the late
60s). Dropping the course according to my New Orleans draft board made
me part time and ineligible for the 2S deferment. So I was pretty
focussed on that radio that night until my birthday came up #272. Word
was they would draft into the low 100s. Home free . . . (free?)

BTW, in all the years since, I believe I have met only one person who
couldn't recall his lottery number. What are those numbers out there?
Let's hear them.

Randy Fertel