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> Another '60s Science Fiction curiosity is Robert Heinlein's _Glory Road_,
> serialized in _Fantasy & Science Fiction_ in 1963, I think. The book
> features a protagonist who does a stint with the army in Southeast Asia.
> (If memory serves right, Laos is mentioned and not Vietnam--but still.)
> Ben Friedlander
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This talk of Heinlein brings up the most obvious of all the 60s
sci-fi standards: _Stranger In a Strange Land_.
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>> Yes, _Glory Road_ *is* an interesting book, particularly in light of
>> Heinlein's _Starship Troopers_, which clearly glorifies war and portrays
>> it as a rite of passage for young men.
>> Kali Tal
>> Sixties Project & Viet Nam Generaiton, Inc.
>Interesting observations about Heinlein. Even in "Glory Road", which is
>my personal favorite, he uses terminology such as "my brown brothers" in
>a most sarcastic vein. Heinlein was a very conservative fellow, making
>Ghengis Khan appear to be compassionate and sensitive. Another of his
>books from the sixties is "Farnhams Freehold" having to do with the cold
>war nuclear holocaust scenario.

And given that, how do you "read" Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land"?
- published in 1961 I believe -
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