Re: Sixties Science Fiction
Tue, 17 Sep 1996 15:02:26 -0400

Oh yes there was LOTS of science fiction related to the VIet Nam War and
war/peace/social-justice issues, during the sixties and seventies. Inc. Kurt
Vonnegut, of course. In fact, science fiction has (as it self-congratulates
itself on so often) often been a vanguarder (vanguardian?) on many social
issues. Certainly it was in sf I, for one, first heard the term "ecology."
As for Thomas Disch's works, what of his book (on) The Plant, with those
little Volkswagen-like machines, or his story "Casablanca"?
And of course Heinlein, and of course much Phillip K. Dick (ever read
"Foster, You're Dead"? But that was late-'50s.) Or the Eric Frank Russell
story (also late or mid '50s) "I am nothing and nobody" very Viet Nam
War related yet predating it (or American involvement in it).
Paula Friedman