Re: More books

Maggie Jaffe (
Wed, 4 Sep 1996 14:59:40 -0400

Dear Sixties People:

Michael Bibby's reference to Walter Lowenfels' <italic>Where is
Vietnam</italic> brings to mind another timely anthology by Lowenfels:
<italic> For Neruda, For Chile</italic>, which was the response by
poets to the CIA-backed Chilean coup in 1973 and the tragic death of
Pablo Neruda. Neruda was terminally ill during the coup, and the army
destroyed his library with a fire hose. Eyewitnessess said it was the
saddest thing to see his great books floating in the mud. He died soon

I'd also like to recommend a book which is not 60s era but very timely:
Kal=ED Tal's <italic>Worlds of Hurt</italic> which is an analysis of
literatures of trauma by survivors of the Holocaust, the Vietnam War
and rape / incest.


My husband, Harold Jaffe, also co-edited <italic>The American
Experience: A Radical Reader</italic>, Harper & Row, 1970, which was
intended as a college text. =20