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Kali Tal (
Mon, 19 Aug 1996 18:23:33 -0400

Anne Marie Ellison asked:

>Does anyone have any information on the '60s Generation Conference
>scheduled for this fall? I've read about past conferences, but can't seem
>to find any information about the upcoming meeting. Thanks.

Due to my recent move from New Haven to Tucson, and the relocation of Viet
Nam Generation, Inc., I have cancelled the 1996 Sixties Generations
conference. I *will* host the conference in 1997, however, at my new
location in Arizona. (This should give our West Coast friends more of an
opportunity to attend, since the last three conferences have been held in
the East.)

I'll be posting updates on the Sixties Project web site:

The site should be updated by September 15.

The move and our neverending shortage of resources have also put us far
behind in publishing the journal (the last issue of _Viet Nam Generation_
was 7:1-2, which was for the 1995 volume year). But I anticipate that in
the long run this move will strengthen us and improve our prospects for the
future. Viet Nam Generation, Inc.'s publications have been picked up by a
new distributor--Small Press Distribution--and so we hope you'll start to
see our books in West Coast bookstores soon.

We hang on by our teeth, but we *do* hang in there.


Kali Tal
Sixties Project / Viet Nam Generation, Inc.