Re: Olympics (fwd)
Wed, 14 Aug 1996 18:18:33 -0400

Sender: John Gardner <>
Subject: Re: Olympics (fwd)
> It may very well be that the decision by whatever committee to
> employ Ali was made only after exhaustive market research showed that he
> was the most politically correct choice. But it doesn't matter. He was
> chosen and I will always think that it was because there is a Justice
> that transcends even those who can recognize it for what it is, let alone
> those who may make the right choices for less than noble reasons.
> Ralph Ware

I have a two totally irreconcilable views on the presence of Ali at
the Olympics. The first is that it was right that he was recognised
and honoured by the establishment after all these years.
The second is that we should not be celebrating a sport which has led
to the physical and mental destruction of the most articulate and
athletic sportsman of his generation, but questioning why boxing is
still regarded as entertainment and worthy of the title "sport"
Anyone like to reconcile these opinions?
John Gardner