Re: Olympics (fwd)
Wed, 14 Aug 1996 08:35:17 -0400

Politics notwithstanding, I'd like to think that whoever was responsible
for Muhammad Ali beiing chosen to light the olympic flame made the
decision based on the two outstanding characteristics which I believe
made him an excellent choice: that he is probably the most recognizable
former Olympian and that his endurance and development of character in
the face of incredible obstacles sets an example of perseverance and
tenacity of which the necessary effort to compete in the Olympic games is
but a shadow of a shadow.
It may very well be that the decision by whatever committee to
employ Ali was made only after exhaustive market research showed that he
was the most politically correct choice. But it doesn't matter. He was
chosen and I will always think that it was because there is a Justice
that transcends even those who can recognize it for what it is, let alone
those who may make the right choices for less than noble reasons.
Ralph Ware