Another Nostalgia Web Site

drieux H. (
Mon, 12 Aug 1996 11:24:44 -0400


] check out this web site:
] dg

My HippieDippyCaliforniaBeZerkleyGirlFriend just sent
me the above URL, and it is interesting to see that the
person whom was the Roll Model for Dennis Hopper's Camaraman
in the Surrealistic Nightmare "Apocalypse Now" now has a web site
and some interesting photographs of legends of Rock.

just another resource.


ps: Now If ONLY I could convince the Corporate Geeks to
get me a machine at work with the power I have at home,
I'd be able to pull down data from places like
and, but I guess they are still not all
that Computer Literate, merely as they are a Corporate
Jobber for High Technology Solutions.....

Then again, if I didn't bounce through the same router
four times trying to find I'd be able
to do some legitimate work, rather than looking at dead rockers....

My How Far we have come from the Sixties, when you had to
submit your cards to the Nice Person and could spend the
rest of the day at the beach waiting for an output.....

Progress, isn't it just AMAZING!!!!