RE: Just when you thought the 60s were over . . .

Maggie Jaffe (
Wed, 7 Aug 1996 08:29:50 -0400

Dear Sixties People:

Next week the Republican Convention convenes in "America's Finest City."
I thought I'd mention a few interesting tidbits about the Convention Center
itself. Originally, the name for the Center was to be The Martin Luther
King Convention Center but that was vetoed, much to resentment of
African-American citizens and other misguided liberals. In disgust, one
person on the naming committee suggested that the Center should be called
the All White People's Convention Center. Hmm, good idea but not for the
90s. Besides, he was clearly a deranged leftist with an ax to grind.
Finally, the highly original San Diego Convention Center was born.

Convention Center aside, any woman who wants an abortion during the month
of August and happens to reside in San Diego was told to "forget it"
because of the "hordes" of anti-abortionists expected here. (Well, there's
still Nevada, Mexico, or better yet, San Francisco). Just today, Mayor
Susan Golding said she's beefing up security measures around abortion
clinics and the Convention Center itself, but as she grudgingly admits,
"shit happens." Only she never really put it that way. As usual, mixed
messages abound.

As the week progresses, I'll try to keep the list posted on the Convention
as it relates to the 60s; that is, if I ever leave my closet.