Vietnam War Homepage

Mon, 5 Aug 1996 20:27:37 -0400

This reply to Ms Jaffe and Ms Johnson, in response to their request on
sixties-l for material for a Vietnam War homepage, is forwarded for for Bill

Lydia Fish
Director, Vietnam Veterans Oral History and Folklore Project


Ms Jaffe and Johnson,

You might want to check out the Vietnam Veterans Home Page before
you make statements such as those in the quoted text
below--specifically on the "uniqueness of your ideas".

The VVHP has been doing essentially what you are proposing since
August of 1994.

We don't view your effort as "competition". The war and its
effects on all Vietnam Veterans and their families and friends
deserves as wide an audience as possible.

When NPR first created their web page a couple of years ago, the
8Vietnam Veterans Home Page was one of their original few
"recommended" sites to visit.

Our URLs are:

"" or the mirror at

Visit the Remembrance and Visit To Vietnam sections.

Bill McBride and the Home Page Platoon