Re: Marijuana and Vietnam

John Baky (
Fri, 2 Aug 1996 15:51:41 -0400


I was a military policeman in RVN. It was always my impression that the
Vietnamese treated pot much like the French citizenry still treat wine and
sex. The culture imposes regulations for use, sale, and protocol, but by
and large it is a cultural given that commands no inherent sense of
"illicitness" (SIN!) as is the case in the USA, Germany, Korea, Japan, and
south American countries. The Vietnames seem to simply accept pot like
alcohol is accepted in France and Italy. It was only when the American
presence caused pot to become outrageously profitable and puritanically
obsessed over by American status of force agreements that the indiginous
acceptance that had existed became twisted into a characature of somebody
else's concept of morality, legality, etc.

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