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Dear Sixties People:

Please note the following. Address all queries to Sue Johnson.

After more than 25 years, the Vietnam War continues to affect us
personally and as a nation. This passage of time has enabled us to
reflect on what we have learned and it has prepared us to begin an
important and an enduring dialogue about how the war has affected us.

Rarely is there an opportunity for people from all walks of life to share
their stories and their reflections on this difficult time in our history.
PBS and the award-winning national series P.O.V. are creating a place to
do this. We are building a website that will be a far reaching collection
of personal testimonies about the Vietnam War Era and its effects on our
lives. This website will open on November 27th, when P.O.V. and PBS
broadcast Maya Lin: a Strong, Clear Vision, the Academy Award-winning
documentary about the conception and creation of the Vietnam Memorial

This web site will be unique in that it will be made up entirely of
personal materials; essays, photographs, voice mail messages. It will not
be a storehouse of facts nor an editorial point-of-view.

Because of your involvement with the Sixties Generation , public discourse
on the Vietnam War Era, and your familiarity with online forums, your
contribution would provide a vital perspective to this endeavor and would
be an important catalyst to thoughtful discourse in this national

We are looking for short stories and reflections of no more than 400 words
about how the course of your life has been affected by the Vietnam War.
You may want to write an essay, a poem, a political statement, an example,
a thought, a memory, lyrics, send a photo in addition to your written
words....... We are seeking both very personal experiences and meditations
on more global issues. Below are some questions that might serve as
departure points:

-How has your life changed as a result of your experiences during the
course of the Vietnam War: Personally? Culturally? Politically?

-If there was one pivotal moment in time that was responsible for this
change, can you tell us about this moment?

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you and we welcome
any suggestions you might have.

Many Thanks,
Sue Johnson

Project Coordinator, P.O.V Interactive
Re:Vietnam - Stories Since the War
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